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    Alumatic Oy is an innovative trailblazer for production and repair of tanks for ADR-transports. We are a flexible company with overall customized service for the hauliers. Transport companies are continuously demanded higher working performance and due to that need we are also making product developments for improved efficiency.

    The history of Alumatic Oy dates back to 30 years when our managing director Tarmo Kylänpää started his own reparation workshop.


    Our production includes a.o.:

    • New tanks and trailers
    • Change of truck chassies
    • Modification work of tankss
    • Accident reparations
    • Installations of tank equipment
    • Pressure- and function tests of tanks
    • Calibrations of meters

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Luottamusmiehentie 3, 36100 Kangasala as., Finland
Phone: +358 3 3791 900